Robot Process Automation (RPA) - Automation of your Processes

Reserve an order in the restaurant in advance, have flowers recommended or arrange a hairdresser appointment. These are popular examples of bots of the current generation. Bots can also be used for internal tasks to handle trivial and recurring tasks.

Offshore Servicecenter

In recent years enormous efforts have been made to shift rather trivial tasks to emerging countries such as India or Romania. Farsighted companies now prefer to invest in bots. The outsourcing of customer services to India or Eastern Europe requires a comprehensive sourcing strategy at enormous expense. Artificial intelligence is a much cheaper and faster alternative.



The higher the quality of a chatbot, the more likely the customer is to use it – especially online at times no one is available at a service hotline. Instead of searching in the web shop by means of filter functions, the need is explained to the bot in a few words.

Beyond Chatbots

Even though chatbots are currently in the focus of companies, there is still a significantly greater number of use cases. This also applies to classic software development, which still relies on predefined processes and models.

Especially in case of recurring tasks, bots can take over tasks independently or in cooperation with people.

In areas such as IT, artificial intelligence can take over an estimated 30 percent of activities. When service staff leave the office at 5 p.m., chatbots can easily take over support tasks.

Bots as a Solution for Staff Shortages

In particular the German middle class is massively affected by the shortage of personnel. Relieving employees of unpleasant and trivial tasks is therefore an important component in solving this challenge.

Whether maintaining master data, sending out invitations to appointments or triggering an order – our customers hand over tasks to bots so that valuable employees rarely leave the company.

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