Customer Scoring with Score Cape

Innovative Customer Scoring

The better you know your customers, the higher are your chances of success and thus also your chances of turnover. Based on specific criteria, such as customer turnover, contribution margin or potential, customers with a high affinity for e.g. noble, dry French red wines are selected. For exactly this reason, customer scoring has long since become an essential part of business in many companies, especially in the area of e-commerce. Technologically, a lot has changed in recent years: well-known methods and instruments such as the RFMR model are increasingly being replaced by much more precise data mining models. The innovative technology we use combines self-learning algorithms, e.g. sales and clickstream data, with information about user-specific behavior.

Standard Model or customized Solution?

When deciding on the model of your choice, the path is divided for you: Is a standard model sufficient or would it make more sense to invest in an individual, tailor-made and therefore more efficient solution? With Score Cape, we offer you a product that – as a web service or in-house solution – provides you with results for customer scoring and thus for optimising your costs or sales within the shortest possible time.

Kundenscoring Image: Workflow Customer Scoring with SPSS

The decisive Factor is the Fit

Individual Data Mining – a smart Investment

More entrepreneurial leeway and a less subjective selection of the relevant criteria as well as their weighting opens up an individually coordinated system. Even if mail order companies are similar in terms of market segment, customer group or portfolio, every company has its own special features. Therefore, customer scoring methods must be as individual as the company itself. It’s like a good suit that still fits best when tailor-made.

This enables a highly optimized customer scoring with an accuracy of 90 percent and more – and this has a direct impact on your costs and sales.

Take your Customer Scoring to the next Level!

We will be happy to work with you to develop an individual solution tailored to your needs. An ensemble of different mathematical procedures and methods, the integration of arbitrary data sources as well as algorithms for real-time processing are typical features of an individual solution. For us, this also includes supporting you in building up your internal know-how in the areas of big data and scoring. In this way, you can fully exploit the potential, independent of external service providers.

Whether you decide for the standard solution Score Cape or an individual solution – we are happy to advise you in detail. Call us on (+49) 2547 93998 – 0 or send us a message.

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