The purpose of customer scoring is, for example, to select customers with a high affinity for certain products, a high probability of non-payment or for reactivation within the scope of a campaign.

Technologically, a lot has happened here in recent years. Well-known methods such as the RFMR model are increasingly being replaced by more precise data mining models.

Scoring Software

When deciding on the model of your choice, the path is divided for you: Is a standard model sufficient or would it make more sense to invest in an individual solution?

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Individuelle Kundenscoring Lösung

More entrepreneurial leeway is opened up by an individually tailored system. Even if, for example, the market segment, customer group or portfolio are similar, each company has its own particularities.Kundenscoring

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Standard software for customer scoring

With Score Cape, we offer you a product that – as a cloud service or in-house solution – provides you with results for customer scoring within the shortest possible time.


Whether you decide for the standard solution Score Cape or an individual solution – we are happy to advise you in detail. Call us on (+49) 2547 93998 – 0 or send us a message.