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Boost your e-commerce performance with personalized product recommendations driven by artificial intelligence. The plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to analyze your customers’ purchasing behavior and provide precise product recommendations.


Step 1: Open WordPress Dashboard

Log in to your WordPress dashboard by entering your website URL with /wp-admin at the end, e.g. E.g. https://example.de/wp-admin. Enter your username and password and click “Login”. You must log in as an administrator.

Step 2: Open the plugin area

Click “Plugins” in the left menu of your WordPress dashboard. This opens the plugin management page where you can view, activate, deactivate and delete all installed plugins.

Step 3: Add plugin

Automatic Installation
  1. Click “Install”
  2. Search for “NextBestOffer”
  3. Click on “Install now”
  4. After installation. click “Activate” to activate the plugin immediately.
Manual Installation
  1. Click “Install”
  2. Click “Upload Plugin”
  3. Select the downloaded .zip file and click “Install Now”
  4. After installation, click “Activate” to activate the plugin immediately.


Step 1: Purchase a license (monthly subscription)

Before you can use the NextBestOffer OLS plugin you must purchase a license. You can get this either via the following link: https://open-ls.de/produkt/nextbestoffer-ols-plugin-api-key/ or, as described below, via the link within the plugin settings:
1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the “NextBestOffer-OLS” menu.

2. Click on the “Buy Plugin” link.

3. You will be redirected to our store.
4. Complete the purchase process as usual and enter your email address.
5. After completing the purchase, you will receive an email with your customer ID and API key.

Step 2: Enter customer ID and API key in the NextBestOffer OLS plugin

After you have received your customer ID and your API key, you must store them in the NextBestOffer OLS plugin:
  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the “NextBestOffer-OLS” menu.
  2. Enter your customer ID and API key in the appropriate fields and press “Save changes”
  3. If the values have been saved successfully, a success message will be displayed with the text “Values updated”.

Step 3: Train your own AI model

Before you can train the AI, you have to tweak a few settings of the model so that it delivers the best possible product suggestions. To do that click on the “Settings” tab inside the plugin. Now we have a few different parameters which we have to adjust:

Max. Rule Length: Controls how many different products can appear together in a recommendation, the default value is 5 which works pretty well in 90% of the cases. If you increase it you get more diverse recommendations and more rules.
Min. Support: This value determines how often a product combination must occur in the orders for it to be displayed as a recommendation. A higher value only shows combinations that are purchased more frequently. This parameter is crucial to get the best out of your predictions, start with a low value ~0.1 and increase it if you think that the predictions of your AI model are too random.
Min. Confidence: Here you determine how confident the plugin must be that the recommendation is relevant for the customers. A higher value means more accurate recommendations, but possibly less choice. This parameter is the most important one, if you set it too high you will get nearly no recommendations. So start with a low value ~0.1-0.2 and increase it gradually until you have the right mixture of diversity and accuracy.
Training Mode: Choose the mode for the association analysis: “Transaction related” (default) or “Customer related”. In “Transaction related” mode, the analysis is conducted on all transactions, generating recommendations based on collective purchasing behavior. In “Customer related” mode, individual customer preferences guide the recommendations, enhancing personal relevance. Select the mode that best suits your business needs.
Recommendation Mode: Mode for displaying the recommendations: Choosing merge will merge your crosssell items in the cart with the recommendations from the plugin, prioritizing your crosssell items. It also merges the recommendations with the default related products on the product page, but the recommendations of the Plugin are prioritized. If you choose overwrite all default related products/crosssell items get overwritten by the recommendations of the Plugin.

How do I start the training?
  1. In the “NextBestOffer OLS Plugin” menu, click the “Start Training” button.
  2. The plugin sends anonymized orders to the AI for the training process.
  3. Once the training is complete, a success message will be displayed.

Step 4: Display automatic product recommendations

Once the AI’s training is complete, the personalized product recommendations will automatically be displayed to each customer after purchasing a product. Congratulations! You have successfully configured the NextBestOffer OLS plugin and can now offer your customers personalized product recommendations.

Video Guide

Check out our video guide below to quickly setup our Plugin!


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