AI Crawlers for Market Observation

Market intelligence requires information about competitors, suppliers and their products. Observing the markets and the competition is an important task for stabilizing and permanently improving company results.

Especially for purchasing and online trading, real-time information on price developments and product characteristics form the foundation of many processes. Without this data, price recommendations or price forecasts are only possible to a very limited extent.

efficientbee.scrape – Crawling at an unbeatable Price-Performance Ratio

We offer you our AI-based crawling solution efficientbee.scrape at a fraction of the usual costs. The combination of crawlers, scrapers and artificial intelligence enables you to obtain relevant information extremely efficiently and quickly. Further advantages are:

  • New information is immediately available
  • Data retrieval from images, texts, PDF, etc.
  • Automated research of new offers through AI systems
  • Automated extraction, processing and linking of the relevant information in a central data lake by means of artificial intelligence
  • Easy integration with the MDM-Booster

Learning from your Feedback

If information, e.g. prices, quantity or weight, is not recognized correctly, you can simply give the AI system feedback via a web interface and thus influence the learning process.

Typical Use Cases of a Crawler

Typical application scenarios are e.g. purchasing, internal comparison portals, price forecasts, compliance and risk management.

efficientbee.scrape for Buyers, Distributors and Manufacturers

Through professional market observation, profits can usually be increased relatively quickly by 2-5 percent. Efficientbee.scrape offers you with just one click an overview of the market prices of the products, assortments of the competition and much more important information.

Price forecasts and price recommendations

The combination with our pricecreation solution provides you with quick and easy price forecasts as well as concrete action and price recommendations. In this way you ensure that your sales and purchase prices are in line with the market at all times and that your margin is maximised – a task that can hardly be performed manually.

Solutions and Consulting

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