Master data management and artificial intelligence?

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and classic software for master data management (MDM tool) helps to significantly reduce the effort required for high-quality master data and forecasts, to increase data quality and to make your processes more flexible.

Master data management – optimized using AI

The MDM Booster is an optimal extension based on artificial intelligence for your systems:

  • PIM systems
  • Master Data Management / Governance systems
  • Planning systems
  • ERP systems like SAP
  • Datawarehouse and Big Data systems

The effort for the initial and continuous maintenance of master data, rules and data quality processes is significantly reduced – often by more than 80%. Please read also the study series “Automation and support in processing with artificial intelligence” by the Fraunhofer Society IAO.

Efficient master data management

Master data management (MDM) / governance (MDG) systems already noticeably reduce the effort required for master data maintenance. 

Zentrales MDM

Central MDM

These systems prevent incorrect assignments, typing errors or multiple entries by using rules, manual associations, etc.. However, rule-based solutions require a relatively high level of care and maintenance, as well as corresponding expert knowledge. Your processes will be even more efficient through the additional use of the MDM Booster.

Preconfigured use cases inside MDM Booster

The MDM Booster can be used flexible for a variety of applications and adapted to your individual needs. Thanks to the pre-configured AI modules inside MDMt booster, typical use cases can be optimized with a minimal of effort. Typical use cases are for example:

  • identification and reporting of suspected data quality problems
  • Image recognition
  • Duplicate detection
  • Classification, such as:
    • Articles on hierarchies and levels such as ECLASS,
    • Material group, main group, part family
    • Features such as design, document type, dual use
    • Business customer / private customer
    • Customer profiles
  • Enrichment and testing, such as:
    • Weight, dimensions, color
    • Storage location
    • Customer master data like:
      • Address data
      • Sales tax identification number from legal notice, Google Maps, etc.
      • Partner Functions
  • Planning and forecast, such as:
    • Material requirements
    • Set-up times
    • optimal stock / minimum stock
    • Manpower requirements
    • Development of purchase prices
  • Recognition and extraction of attributes and properties from texts and documents, such as:
    • legal form
    • Company name
    • Article name
    • Quantities or delivery dates from delivery documents, order confirmations, etc.

MDM Booster takes on trivial and recurring tasks

The AI of the MDM Booster takes on a variety of rather trivial and recurring tasks. Planning and forecasting tasks can be carried out much more precisely using AI than with classic methods. Using artificial intelligence, the MDM Booster supports you in your challenges:

  • Support of the user in the creation of new master data, e.g. by making suggestions
  • Check of data quality and presentation of abnormalities as well as suggestions in dashboards and analyzes, integration in workflows
  • Matching rules are recognized automatically and, if necessary, a variety of formats, such as SQL, Python code or if-then rules, can be extracted
  • Automation of your processes
  • Optimization of data quality, forecasts and planning

Enhance your master data management

By supplementing your master data management / your systems with the MDM Booster, you achieve further flexibility in your processes and systems as well as a significant reduction in effort.

The use of AI gives you a clear competitive advantage over traditional methods, especially as support for migrations, the new entry of data or personnel and production planning. This applies to your ERP, PIM and CRM system as well as your data warehouse or big data platform.

MDM Booster as a service

Thanks to artificial intelligence / machine learning, your processes will be significantly more effective. The MDM booster acts as a service in your data center (on premise) or as a cloud solution (SaaS) and provides your SAP, PIM, CRM, Big Data or DWH system with consolidated, enriched or adjusted information on customers, suppliers and products , etc.

  • Easy integration into existing systems via https (RESTFul interface)
  • Available as a cloud service or local solution (Docker)
  • The methods used are scalable and can process large amounts of data with high performance
  • Multilingual
  • One solution for all systems (platform-independent)

Master Data Management for SAP

Together with our partners we offer you an integrated solution for the master data management of your SAP systems. In contrast to the previous solution, the time-consuming maintenance of rules is no longer necessary. Classifications, enrichment of texts, set-up times and required quantities can be calculated in the shortest possible time using artificial intelligence and added to the existing master data. Duplicates are recognized in real time.

Beispiel: SAP Kreditorenstamm Dublettenprüfung

MDM Tool for SAP MDG and other systems

The integration of the MDM Booster in SAP MDG is also possible with little effort. The functions of the rule miner are expediently expanded and supplemented by prepared and pre-trained algorithms. Integration into other systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics, PIM systems or relational databases, is also quick and easy thanks to the web service architecture.

Big data and data warehouse systems

While developing and maintaining big data or data warehouse systems, a large part of the development effort belongs to data quality (homogenization and historization of members in dimensions, duplicate check, etc.). Thanks to efficient methods, the MDM Booster can also help minimize effort in this context.

Interfaces to automate your processes

Many interfaces, possible data sources and functions are available for automation:

  • RESTFul web service (http / https)
  • relational databases, such as Oracle database, SQL server, DB2, PostgreSQL, SAP Hana, etc.
  • Excel
  • Integration in SAP systems
  • OpenAPI

MDM-Tools and Consulting

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