Open Logic Systems training courses – as individual as your company

Target audience: IBM Cognos Analytics modelers

Duration: 3 days (online / on site – as required)

The theoretical basics are conveyed in the form of a lecture followed by practical exercises in the form of workshops. Additional visualizations, etc. are used to convey complex issues (e.g. workflows). Participants can ask questions at any time during the lecture. At the beginning of each day and before each new topic block, the respective learning objectives will be explained.

In this workshop we impart specific knowledge that modelers need for their work with IBM Cognos Analytics and the data modules. The following list shows exactly which topics you can expect. If necessary, we will respond to individual questions at any time. We would be happy to put the respective modules together for your tailor-made training, also with your sample data and structures.

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  • Data sources for data modules
  • Use of local files (CSV, Excel, Zip files)
  • Creation of data modules
  • Relationships
  • Datasets – advantages and disadvantages compared to relational databases
  • Caching
  • Reporting on operational systems and Cognos Analytics
  • Starschema and Snowflake schema – fact tables, key figures, dimensions and hierarchies
  • Interpretation of the data model by Cognos Analytics
  • Intent-driven modeling
  • Differences between relational and dimensional data sources
  • Reporting traps
  • Domains
  • How Cognos Analytics works – SQL generation in the data module
  • Testing of data models and SQL / MDX generation in the report module
  • Data Modules – Advanced Modeling
  • Creation of views and tables
  • Bridge Tables – Shared and conformed dimensions
  • Time dimensions and relative times
  • Role-based dimensions
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Data cleansing
  • Calculations in data modules
  • Navigation paths
  • Split and group columns
  • Create data groups
  • Optimization / performance tuning
  • Multigrain and multifact data models
  • Avoid cross products and double counting
  • Column dependencies
  • Permissions
  • best practices

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Four steps to a tailor-made workshop:

  1. We determine and analyze your special needs.
  2. We design seminar documents that are tailored to your company in terms of content.
  3. We plan the required resources.
  4. We train the participants in a practical and user-oriented way.

 Success factor Know-how

The better your employees are familiar with the tools used, the more effectively they can use them. A well-trained team becomes a real competitive advantage for your company. Talk to us – we will be happy to find the right solution for you.


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