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Data Empowerment mit KI-Lösungen

Digital solutions have never been as diverse as they are today. We support companies in exploiting the full potential of their data as well as optimizing and automating processes with artificial intelligence (AI) and achieving groundbreaking competitive advantages. Our core business continues to include the development of new business models and individual IT solutions – with the aim of helping companies achieve greater efficiency and growth.

  • Sales and purchasing processes
  • Controlling processes
  • Marketing processes
  • IT processes
  • Customer retention processes
  • HR
  • Production and manufacturing

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We support you in exploiting the full potential of your data and artificial intelligence to optimize and automate your business processes.

Data Empowerment mit KI-Lösungen

Improve your master data quality

We support our customerst to significantly refine the data quality and achieve more accurate results. Completeness, consistency, accuracy and timeliness are our priority.

Optimize and automate processes with AI

Benefit from advantages such as a more targeted customer orientation, more efficient work, data-based decision-making, more flexibility and cost savings.

Our AI solution for you processes

MDM Booster | Master data

MDM Booster relies on advanced AI solutions to automate business processes and simplify master data management. The solution is individually customizable and can be seamlessly integrated into existing solutions.

KI-Lösungen für Prozesse und Stammdaten


AI-based solutions for sustainable success

With powerful AI solutions we accompany companies into the digital future: whether SMEs, medium-sized companies or corporations. We have been successfully implementing IT strategies and identifying optimization potential and new business opportunities for more than 20 years. To this end, we work closely with the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft as a research partner.

The advantages of our AI solutions:

  • significant improvement in data quality
  • optimal support in planning and decision-making
  • increased employee and customer satisfaction
  • effective support of individual company processes
  • Higher added value through automated and efficient processes

Our solutions

AI solutions for your competitive advantage

MDM Booster | Master data

Classify master data, fix duplicates and increase data quality: the AI-based MDM Booster processes large amounts of data in real time. Platform independent and scalable.

MDM Booster | Sales

Create individual offers, increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Use MDM Booster to optimize your sales processes.

Daqai | Anonymization

Our AI solution Daqai offers a wide range of options for the automated recognition and anonymization of personal data and other data governance tasks.


Consulting for AI, Data Mesh and Data Lakes

Each project is based on specific requirements. For tailor-made solutions, we offer consulting services to find the optimal solution for your company.


We automate recurring and time-consuming tasks so that you have more time for your core business.

Data Analytics

Using Business Intelligence and statistical analysis, patterns and trends can be identified and actions can be derived.

Master data management

Our innovative solutions and services ensure effective master data management and a clean process basis.

Data Science

We develop suitable strategies and find the right technologies for successful data science projects.

Data quality

To increase your data value, we cleanse your master data of inconsistencies, duplicates and incorrect information.

Information broker

For competition and market analyzes we include public data and make the findings available to you.

Big Data & Data Mesh

Large and frequently changing data sources can be used more productively through scalable and flexible processes.

Crawling & Scraping

To complete your master data, we use effective AI solutions to analyze and extract data.

Data Warehouse

As a central data pool for comprehensive data analysis, we develop powerful data warehouse systems for you.

Forschung Fraunhofer KI-Lösungen


AI research is particularly important to us

We support companies in optimizing their business processes using AI.

Close collaboration with renowned research partners such as the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft enables us to always offer our customers innovative, tailor-made and future-proof solutions. In this way, we contribute to using constant change as an opportunity and exploiting its maximum potential.

Research partnerships

Whitepaper über KI-Lösungen

MARket survey from Fraunhofer IAO

AI applications for processing

Find out how applications with artificial intelligence can be used to improve operations and processes in the “Market study: AI applications for administrative processing” from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization.


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