Cross-selling and upselling using AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is able to understand your customers’ behavior and preferences and provide personalized recommendations. This allows you to optimally identify your customers’ cross-selling and upselling potential.

Next Best Offer and Next Best Action​

Using AI, the MDM Booster is able to analyze the customer journey in real time. This leads to more targeted product recommendations, higher customer loyalty and satisfaction, and the exploitation of your sales potential.

Optimize your customer interactions by suggesting the optimal Next Best Offer and Actions for your customers. Artificial Intelligence offers you the opportunity to use a personalized customer approach and maximizes your conversion rate and revenue. Improve your marketing, optimize your business development and always stay one step ahead of the competition. Try MDM Booster now and experience the difference.

Test product recommendations using AI now

AI-based product recommendations offer enormous potential for increasing cross-selling and upselling sales, as well as improving customer satisfaction/customer experience.

API for easy integration in your online shop

Integrate the MDM Booster into your online shop with minimal effort using the standardized OpenAPI interface. Increase your sales and customer satisfaction with our AI-powered solution.

Cross- and Upselling for Online Shops

Use AI-based recommendations in your shop, database or based on CSV and Excel files. Get a key for your Online Shop

WordPress and WooCommerce

We offer you two options for seamless integration: Use our API directly or choose our specially developed plugin for WordPress in conjunction with WooCommerce.

Click here to download the plugin.

Click here for the plugin documentation

API key and personal advice

In order to use the API or the plugin, you need an API key. Click here to purchase an API Key.

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